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Anthropologist, Artist, Writer

I am an ex-academic cultural anthropologist who did research in Iran, Israel, the United States, and France. In Iran I apprenticed myself to several craftsmen in order to examine artistic creativity and handicrafts industries. In IsraeI, I investigated problems of ethnicity and healthcare. In the U.S. I studied sexually transmitted diseases and American culture. And in France I focused on politeness. That's because I know many Americans who complain that French people aren't polite. Oh, but they are! 
My mother said that when I was a three-year-old on a train with her and my newborn brother, a stranger stopped to watch me draw the baby carriage. He couldn't believe that someone so small could draw something so complex. I minored in art in college, and while doing my doctoral research I painted and made dolls. When working as an anthropologist at a medical school, I painted when I wasn't carrying out my research projects. Now glass is my medium: I am a mosaic artist and writer with an anthropologist's way of looking at people who wore shoes.
Photo - Susan David
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